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The Garage Part 3

I dislike popcorn ceilings. A lot. I also dislike crappy sheetrock work. I have a lot of both in this house. I do need to learn how to do sheetrock work. It’s going to be messy. It’s going to take a lot of time. I’m going to get better as I go, but for starters I will probably not do a great job of it. So I’m going to start in the garage where I can play with it the most and not worry about the mess too much. I can work on making an environment that will facilitate easy cleanup. What I’ve learned so far is that scraping isn’t too bad when you really don’t care about making a mess.

If you are going to scrape ceilings, I highly recommend that you buy a ceiling scraper. It  collects massive amounts of the popcorn. I would say more than 90%. Easily.

2015-02-13 2015-02-13(1)

Neither of the above are my photos.

I’m going to highlight the fact that I do not have a functional garage door opener at the moment. As you can see below the track is torqued and it is currently disconnected. The garage door on the other hand appears to be new and is very easy to open and close with one hand.

20141216_194021 IMG_20141216_194051_nopm_

You can also see where there was water damage or some termite damage that was “repaired” at some point in the past. Emphasis on “repaired.” It’s basically just sheetrock that was screwed into the rafters.

On to the scraping! I highly recommend that you buy a pressure sprayer for weeds. Just fill it with water and lightly spray the ceiling where you want to scrape.


Then scrape.


After about 30 minutes I was here.


I stopped at this point. I decided that at this point my arms hurt and I would be better off working the next evening to keep from burning out on this project.

Another 30 minutes the next day.


The first night, I just threw everything away when the bag got heavy. The second night of scraping, I emptied the bag significantly more frequently and used a trash can I had purchased for the garage long term.


It’s about a third of the way full after another third of the ceiling. Again, I stopped for the night as my arms were still somewhat sore from the night before and scraping the ceiling more was not helping.

Night 3 lead to more scraping and I was pretty much done. I just needed to use a hand scraper and go around the edges now.


The above is the amount of popcorn that missed the collection bag. I would suggest waiting until the next day to clean the floor in order to give it time to dry. I was cleaning before scraping each day. You can see the streaks where I was swept the floor prior to scraping on the third day.


This is what I was sweeping up after each day.


That is a pretty full trash can. I’m so glad I didn’t have to sweep up everything.


This is the mess from scraping around the edges of the garage and around the garage door where I was unable to get with the ceiling scraper.


So much trash.


A mostly clean garage. I need to make another pass through the garage with the mop. It’s mostly clean though. The ceiling is scraped. I haven’t done anything else in the garage at this point. I’m hoping to start sanding the ceiling now to get rid of all the high spots. I plan on doing a very light texture after floating the entire ceiling. I’m also planning on adding more lights because the garage door opener lights are woefully inadequate.

I’m also planning on less words and photos per post to make for easier reading of my progress.

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