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Lawn upkeep or the lack of it

You may or may not remember the state of the back yard from December.


Every time I look out the backyard, I hear Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘n Roses play in my head. It’s not exactly my favorite thing to look at in the world and I’m not a huge fan of yard work at this point in my life. Nothing was kept under control through trimming. The mess of vines tangled in all of that don’t look as though they were ever given any attention either. My plans for now are to get it under control and deal with all of the trash mixed in with the bushes or hidden by the bushes. I’m not going to spend much money on this for the time being though. Just some sweat.

Sunday morning was a beautiful morning. I looked into the backyard and decided I was going to do something. It didn’t have to be much. It didn’t have to take hours. I just needed to start on this. I’ve already decided that it will be a months long project that I work on when I don’t feel like sanding or painting or spending money on supplies. So I decided to see what I could do with an hour.

IMG_20150315_145301602_HDR IMG_20150315_145314644_HDR

I got enough done that I didn’t feel like I wasted an hour of my life and I have something to show for it. I managed to get the fence line cleared all the way down on this side. I cut all of the random vines and small trees growing along the fence off at the ground. I cut a sickly looking bush down as far as I could. I’ll need to pick up an ax and a shovel later to eradicate it. I cut another small bush down to the ground as well. I’m not sure at this point if I will dig it up or just keep it trimmed down with the lawnmower for now.

I then went and picked up a weedeater from my uncle. He said I could borrow it for as long as I wanted to if I would make sure that it ran and kept it running. So free weedeater for me. He doesn’t use it and he is more than welcome to have it back whenever he wants it.

After making the weedeater run, eating lunch and taking a short nap, I started on the yard again. I moved about half of the brush pile by the curb. I wasn’t sure when they would collect it, but it looks like Thursdays will be yard waste removal for me. I may call 311 later to confirm. I cut down a bush that was in a poor place in the courtyard.


You can see here that it is growing right next to the house and under the eave.


No more shrub.

I then cut at the back yard. It’s a rutted mess. Someone had to have a dog in the backyard that liked to dig. I found a missing door knob while I was cutting too. I’m so glad I had the mower set high enough that it didn’t sling it out from under the deck.



With the yard cut, I had a seat on the patio and had a refreshing beer. Sunday was a good day.

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