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More landscaping

So I had some time off on Wednesday since I cover every other Saturday at work right now. Mom and dad came over to give me a hand cleaning up the backyard some more. After the last post where I had cleared a small area of brush and then disposed of the yard waste, I spent some more time and worked a little bit more on the backyard.


I found another two basketballs while cleaning out that left side of the backyard. I can still see more trash under the bushes at this point. Anyway, mom and dad came over on Wednesday around 9AM. By 10:30AM, the backyard looked substantially different.

2015-03-26(2) 2015-03-26

This left a giant pile of yard waste to deal with. Thankfully, Baton Rouge does curbside pickup for non-commercial waste for home owners. This conveniently is on Thursday for me. I wish I could have been there to see how this was handled.


That pile is about 5′ tall, 15′ long and about 8′ deep. There is still a lot of yard waste to deal with as the top of the ligustrum bushes in the backyard need to be cut back. I’m even debating as to whether or not I want to keep the ligustrum in the backyard since they are planted so close to the fence. Azaleas or crepe myrtles would add significantly more color to the backyard and would be much less maintenance.

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