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Garage Part 5

So this happened a while back and I don’t have great photos of the install because I was busy doing the work. I really will need to invest in a shockproof camera so I won’t worry about dropping my phone and shattering the screen.


Dad and I picked this up at Home Depot. This is a Werner aluminum attic ladder. I really hate the wooden ladders. I’ve used several of them at various places I’ve lived and at friend’s places. They don’t inspire confidence. This does come with a $50 premium, but it’s light.

IMG_20150321_151421246 2015-03-21(1)

All sheetrock cut out. This was pretty easy to do. I used a keyhole saw to cut everything out with a square.


Framed up. I quit taking photos at this point and still haven’t taken photos of the installed door. You can see where I broke the sheetrock up pretty badly when framing it up. Once I get the sheetrock work finished, I’ll take some photos and include it with the rest of the garage work.



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