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Will the landscaping ever end

I’m still working on the backyard and have been for a while. I’ve even managed to do some work on the front yard. I’m going to consolidate all of the work from the last three weeks or so in to one post.


Since most of the smaller cutting was completed with the loppers I have, I bought a battery powered chainsaw. $200 from Home Depot. I opted not to buy the model with batteries and a battery charger since I already have a Makita drill kit with two batteries and a charger. The online reviews saw that you can get about 30 minutes of run time out of the batteries. This seems to be pretty accurate in my experience. The batteries also only take about 20 minutes to charge.

With chainsaw in hand, I started cutting. First target is a crappy shrub that is planted too close to the house and driveway.


Next up were the holly bushes planted to close to the house in the front yard. I took out 4 of the 5 bushes in the front yard. Holly bushes get pretty large at the base.

IMG_20150422_145709104 IMG_20150422_145719796

At this point I stopped for the day. I was pretty tired and the batteries on the chainsaw died. About three days later, I was off for the weekend and started cutting in the backyard. I’m very glad that my buddy Graham offered to help me drag everything out to the front yard.

2015-04-23(1) 2015-04-23

This was a pretty short afternoon in the backyard.

2015-05-05(1)  IMG_20150423_184835622 2015-05-05(3)

This was a bit longer in the backyard with the chainsaw about a week later. I trimmed everything back after we had a storm roll through town and left the remains in the backyard overnight.

IMG_20150506_154832430IMG_20150506_154827817 2015-05-06(1)

Everything cleaned up and out to the street. It looks so much larger now than previously. I’ve gained a solid 15′ on one corner of the yard and about 8′ on the other side of the yard.

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