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Tool Room Part 1

So I have a small tool room off the garage. My mother prefers to call this a closet. I plan on using this for storage for car parts, tools, and lawn care. It’s about  80″ x 60″ with an 8′ ceiling. Dad and I coated the floor with epoxy when we did the garage. I plan on using this as a test area for the color scheme in the garage.


These are the colors I chose for the garage. I plan on painting the ceiling flat ultra bright white. The dark grey will extend 36″ from the floor. The light grey will come from the ceiling down. The red will divide the two colors with a 4″ stripe.

The first step in the tool room is to pull the shelving down and fix the walls. It appears at some point that someone kept a car locked up in the tool room. There are a lot of claw marks on the walls and there was a lot of cat litter in the tool room when I first moved in.

IMG_20150506_173312582 IMG_20150506_173303218 IMG_20150506_173308247

Shelving was removed pretty quickly and the walls were patched the same day. After much sanding and mudding, I’m ready to start painting. I unscrewed the light fixture and started painting the ceiling. Two coats of paint on the ceiling and it’s done.

2015-05-06 IMG_20150506_182529889

I paused at this point for a couple of days as there were some things that I needed to do before I could continue.

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