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Tool Room Part 2

So after painting the ceiling, I drew a line 54″ down from the ceiling to mark where I needed to stop with paint.¬†¬†Then I started cutting in the light grey.

2015-05-09(1) IMG_20150509_140638112 IMG_20150509_140643400

First coat of grey down and working on cutting in the corners a second time.


After the second coat of light grey dried, I changed the light. This 24″ LED produces 1200 lumens. It’s wonderful.


Here you can see where I am cutting in the dark grey. The chunky looking paint on the baseboard is where we were a bit sloppy when applying the epoxy to the floor.

2015-05-14(2) 2015-05-14(3)

I had originally planned to make a nice neat line between the two different colors and then my uncle suggested that I feather everything instead of having a hard line.

2015-05-14(1) 2015-05-16(1)

I feathered the two hard edges on coat #2.


Checking to see what a red door frame and red baseboard looks like.


Everything taped off for paint.


Stripe painted and then tape removed.

2015-05-17(1) 2015-05-17

Down to the last coat of red that needs to be painted on the baseboards, then it will be time for shelves.


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