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Yard work again

So my brother dropped a Troy-Bilt Edger off at my house a while back. I finally got around to looking at it after it sat in my garage for about a month. I replaced the fuel lines between the fuel tank and the carburetor as well as the fuel primer bulb. It took a few times to figure out how the fuel lines should be routed since most people just replace the fuel tank for $40 when there is an issue. The Internet was not a great resource for discussing how the priming system worked. The fuel primer bulb was also not listed on the parts guide. I was able to find everything that I needed to fix the edger was available at Home Depot for about $20. So now that I have a running edger available, I got started.



This was not easy work. The edger while fairly powerful from my brother’s experience bogged down quite a bit while I was using it. I don’t know that edging has been done here in a long time. I really need to go back and edge everything again. The lines are not super clean and I am not evenly cut. I do wander a bit, but I picked up a few inches on the sidewalks and driveway. After running the edger for a while, I broke out the weed eater to try to break up the grass. I should probably buy a shovel to do this in the future.


I burn through a lot of string on the weed eater. Especially when I am being abuse and running it pretty hard. When I’m just keeping the grass cut back, I don’t burn through that much.¬†After cutting some grass and and making a mess of the sidewalks, I went and played in the backyard again.


I cut another two ligustrums all the way back. Then I bought a barbecue pit.

IMG_20150611_093518033 IMG_20150612_101706811

I’ve only used it once so far and it worked brilliantly. I did one batch and managed to cook a few days worth of food. This is probably the nicest barbecue pit I’ve ever laid hands on. I look forward to many years of cooking on this.

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