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Garage Part 6

So I gave the ceiling 24 hours to dry like John told me to do. I came back and sealed it with Kilz oil based primer. This was also per his suggestion. Dad, my uncle and I got the garage painted in no time flat after John was finishing up in the master suite. I didn’t cut in the garage though due to the fumes from the paint. This was my first time dealing with something oil based. I waited another three days before I had the time to get that done.

IMG_20150712_133211912 IMG_20150712_133217238 IMG_20150712_133228138

Here is the horribly messy garage primed out. This was taken after I completed the cut work. I’ve started the cut work for the first coat of ultra bright white ceiling flat paint. No photos yet though. I’ve also cut in 6 boxes in the ceiling for lighting, a box for light switches and 3 additional wall outlet boxes. I take photos of this after the ceiling is painted and possibly after I’ve started pulling romex.

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