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Garage Part 7

I’m almost finished. I spent many hours this weekend waiting on paint to dry. I started about 6am Saturday cutting in the corners and border near the ceiling. I waited about an hour between coats.

IMG_20150718_063808923 IMG_20150718_063812531

This was all I managed to get accomplished on Saturday. After I got the cut in work completed, I cut grass and then I drove to Denham to fix an oil leak on dad’s truck. After that was taken care of I was pretty wiped out. I took a shower, picked up some more paint and then went to play cards with the Gagnet’s.

Sunday morning I started painting again around 6:00am.

IMG_20150719_095052034 IMG_20150719_095054931 IMG_20150719_095059388 IMG_20150719_095103674

This took me until 8:30 or so to complete. Again, I had to give another hour between coats. I did not take photos cutting in the dark grey on the bottom, but I did that twice and gave it an hour between coats again.

IMG_20150719_160812544 IMG_20150719_160816781 IMG_20150719_160826694 IMG_20150719_160830761

This is currently how the garage sits. I haven’t tackled the wall the garage door sits on at this point as I do need to do some sanding to get it finished. This wall will also need to be painted by hand since there is too much going on to get a roller in there.

I will also be waiting until Tuesday before doing any real work painting in the garage as I need help setting up the transit and marking walls for the stripe. I should start laying tape on Tuesday evening though. As long as I can get the tape up, I plan on starting the first coat of red.

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