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Garage Part 8

In order to finish out my garage, I needed to mark out a pair of parallel lines all the way around the garage. I needed some help and called my uncle who was willing to give me a hand. He was also willing to let me use his transit.


It took probably 30 minutes to mark off all of the walls. After we were done marking everything off, it was time to start taping off a border.

IMG_20150721_192401418 IMG_20150721_192405392

After everything was taped off, I did the first coat of red around the garage before heading into the kitchen to make dinner.

IMG_20150721_194426703 IMG_20150721_194429956

I spent a couple of hours painting to have everything ready for the following morning. Well, that’s not completely honest. I spent most of that time waiting on paint to dry so that I could either cut in or do a second coat with the roller.

The next morning, everything was dry and it was time to pull the masking tape.

IMG_20150722_055838983 IMG_20150722_055846054 IMG_20150722_055850922

I was tired of looking at a dirty floor and broke out the pressure washer. It took off most of the spackling and paint without any effort. The little bit of paint left is not going to concern me.

IMG_20150722_083624551 IMG_20150722_083631689 IMG_20150722_083634644 IMG_20150722_083637466

Google did a thing and made the three shots into one panoramic shot.IMG_20150722_083624551-PANO

Two things left to paint and I’ll be finished painting in the garage. I’m going to paint the trim red around the door and I’m probably going to paint the doors a dark grey. The same grey that I used in the garage.

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