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Garage Part 9

I’m still a little bit aggravated this project isn’t 100% complete, but it’s pretty darn close now. I chose the color for the doors and went ahead and got them painted. I will be replacing them at some point in the future because the doors are not in great condition.

So the first step on the doors product was to flip the door to the garage so that it was right side up.


The fact that this door was upside down has bugged me since I moved in here. After getting the door mounted correctly, I pulled the other door off of the hinges, stripped it of hardware and started painting.


I don’t have photos of me actually painting the doors. It’s a bit hard to actually paint and keep everything clean while taking photos.


I don’t think the color choice was terrible. I’m not 100% sold on the grey being as dark as it is. I may change to the light grey in the future when I replace the doors. If I decide that I like the light grey less than the dark grey, it will be much easier to paint over.

Now all I need to do is finish the last of the sanding above the garage door and paint the wall that surrounds the garage door. Once I get this finished, I’ll be able to drag Janelle over here along with the DRZ-400E and actually start working in the garage.

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