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Life gets busy

Some days I wonder how I’m able to hold it together. I’m bouncing several projects at work while changing how my department works in the middle of a mid-management restructure. The last week or so I really haven’t had the urge to do anything. Between being mentally exhausted and frustrated with my inability to pick co-ordinate colors, I haven’t done, anything.

That was hard to type. I’ve managed to keep up with the basic housework and yard work, but I’ve done little else. I would like to say that will change this weekend, but it won’t. I have a bachelor party to attend in Natchez, Mississippi this weekend. I have a plan that I am working though. This plan was to have me able to finish painting the garage this weekend and start on the master suite until I realized the bachelor party was this weekend. Hopefully I will have everything else completed so when I return Sunday evening the only thing I need to worry about is taking care of the yard work. If I can manage that, I think I will be squared away to address the final wall in the garage and then start cutting in the ceiling in the master suite.

I’ve chosen the colors for the walls in the master suite already. I haven’t purchased the paint as I was planning to wait on that until I was actually ready to paint. I’ve also decided that I will buy a new bed for the master suite. I haven’t been terribly happy with my mattress the last few months. I’ve made the choice on the bed, but not the mattress. I’m probably not going to order any of that until after I get the bedroom painted. I’ve also gotten samples from for new blinds in the master. I’m pretty sure what color I’m going to order for that, but I need to wait until everything gets painted.

That may actually read as though I’ve done something, but I really haven’t.

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