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Things got painted

Yeah. Lots of things got painted. Buying the bed and making the promise to myself to get all of the work done has translated in to a thing of beauty.

Monday, I got the light grey painted with a 4″ roller. Tuesday, I came home, cleaned the dust off a header over the garage door, cut in the light grey, painted the second coat of light grey and started the dark grey. Wednesday, I finished the dark grey and cut in the entire master suite ceiling. Thursday, I painted the first coat on the ceiling in the master suite. Friday, I took a break. Saturday, I painted the second coat of paint, ran some errands, then started cutting in the lighter grey in the master suite.

I’ll try to add photos later as the photos I have will not upload without corruption to the blog currently. Photos still won’t upload even when using a different PC and a different browser. I’m wondering if WordPress isn’t having an issue.

Update: Sunday I finished cutting in the light grey on all three walls. I also managed to get the first coat of paint up on the walls.

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