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Still trying to figure this out

I’ve gone through troubleshooting with the hosting provider and I’ve got verbose logging turned on right now for WordPress. The host is telling me the errors I’m seeing are related to the version of php that has been installed for ages and are unrelated. I’m not even sure where to go right now. I really don’t want to post on the WordPress forums about this issue since their support seems to be pretty bad if you’ve already gone through everything other people with similar problems have without coming up with a resolution on your own.

I dunno.


  1. Clay
    Clay October 19, 2015

    So if I blow away this install and go to a new default install, media works. So I guess that means I have a corrupt file somewhere. I have no idea how to track this down. This is going to take more time.

  2. Clay
    Clay November 2, 2015


    I’ve got photos working again so I will start updating blog posts this week.

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