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Master Suite Part 1

as I talked about previously, I paid a man named John Langlois to scrape, float and texture the ceiling in the master suite. He did a wonderful job and I have no regrets about using him. After he did his thing, I didn’t touch the mast suite for a couple of months. ┬áTime and money are limited, so I do what I can when I can.

IMG_20150912_105118977 (1) IMG_20150912_105132087

Here we have the first coat of flat white going up after the ceiling was painted with oil based Kilz. I will not be using oil based Kilz again. While this is what I was told to use on the ceiling to seal it properly, I have another close friend who spent many years at Sherwin Williams who advised that oil based is overkill and water based is more than adequate.

IMG_20150913_152648376_HDR IMG_20150913_152659324

After getting the ceiling finished, I was able to start cutting in the light grey of the master suite.

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