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Master Suite Part 2

So I managed to start getting real painting done at this point.


While I was painting I figured that this would be a perfect time to hang a new ceiling fan while I was waiting on coats to dry.


Here I’m trimming out the accent wall.


I really like this accent color. It’s a fairly subtle color change.


This is a good shot showing how everything contrasts with the completed fan.


This is me learning an important lesson. Pull the trim off instead of painting it in place.


Had I pulled the trim off, I would’ve had less cut work to deal with, I would’ve had less hassle trying to keep paint off the carpet, I would’ve had so much more time. Always pull trim and paint it separately.

It’s cool though. I got it all finished. I bought a nice shade for the window. Mom and I went out and looked at curtains and bedding. I managed to get something that was color co-ordinated.


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