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Sunlight Shaded Part II

The next two shades that I ordered were for the window in the kitchen and the window in my laundry room.


This makes for a very light laundry room, which I enjoy. I don’t bother with the overhead light during the day.



I’m not the brightest in the world, but I’m pretty sure that a shade should fit a bit tighter than that.

IMG_20150901_170649525 IMG_20150901_170658930

This should have been right at 33″ wide. The sticker underneath the tape measure shows the proper size. Thankfully was very easy to deal with and they sent out a new shade after I sent them these two photos. I also learned that while they will replace any shade that is the wrong size regardless of who is at fault, they will only fix a problem by the purchaser three times. So if you screw up, you only have three tries based on your name and address.


That’s so much better.


Just for good measure, enjoy the other side of my kitchen.

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