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Painting Shelving

So it’s way easier to paint shelving when it isn’t in a closet. The biggest problem with that was my lack of sawhorses. I really didn’t want to pick up plastic sawhorses at home depot. I’d feel really guilty about running a saw blade through that. Fortunately you can build a sawhorse from 2 2x4s and a few screws.


You can either make these by hand or use power tools. I used a skill saw on the back of my Jeep to cut the first one to the correct lengths. Once the first saw horse was complete, the second sawhorse was much easier to build.


I like this design because they are stackable.


To make a paint rack, I cut a 2×4 in half and ran a bunch of 3″ screws into the 2×4 spaced about an inch apart. The nice thing about this is that I was able to pull the screws out for use in a later project.

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