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Attic Ladders are Terrible

So back in November, my hot water heater quit working. I know almost nothing about hot water heaters at this point. I know water goes in, electricity is applied to a heating element, hot water comes out. While I was able to get the hot water heater going pretty quickly, my attic ladder failed and the legs split. So at 8pm on a Thursday night, I got to change out an attic ladder.

My uncle who was with me giving me a hand figuring out the hot water heater stuck around to give me a hand swapping out the ladder.


First is to remove the trim first to be able to pull it down.


Once that is done, the hard part starts.


We chose to pull it out in chunks. We popped the legs off the ladder, then pulled the springs out. This allowed us to pull the steel arms off the ladder so it would hang down and we could remove it individually. Pulling it out in pieces seemed to be the easiest way to manage it.


Then about an hour later, the new ladder is in and shimmed up. It’s so hard to take photos while you are installing a ladder. So excuse the lack of real progress photos.

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