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Interior Decisions

So I had a few blinds that were left here with the sale of the house. They weren’t in great shape and I ┬ájust never bothered to change them.


This is in the front bedroom.


These blinds are in the parlor next to the front door and really makes the approach to the house look terrible.


So after picking up all the flooring and moving it inside, I got the wonderful idea to start tearing up the floor at 9PM.


I was really surprised at how easy this started coming up.


This demolition bar is the best thing I can think of for this kind of work. Good weight and a great length for me.


I did score the floor to make it come up in strips. I figured that would make it easier to handle and dispose of in the trash.


This was after about 40 minutes. I called it quits at this point and finished up the next afternoon after removing the quarter round.

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