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I can’t focus

I like to try and do too many things at once. It’s never fun to be me unless you have more projects than what you can manage in a reasonable manner.


Let’s take the Talon for example. Instead of continuing to work on the floor, I stopped, drove 30 minutes to Denham and started tearing apart this car. This is the only photo I have of the process, but here it is. i had figured out that the timing belt was the cause of a lot of chatter in the motor. Well, not so much the timing belt, but the other components of the timing belt system.

I had originally thought that the problem was a timing tensioner problem, but I was wrong. The timing belt tensioner pulley had slipped. I still ordered a new timing belt tensioner because I didn’t know. After resetting the timing on the car, I jumped it off and drove it home.


I also installed a new pigtail on the motorcycle after replacing the battery to be able to keep it on a trickle charger. It works very well so far. This was a simple project though.


scraping glue residue off the floor on the other hand was not. I was using the towel to kneel on while using the scraper to attack all of the glue left on the floor after using the demo bar to get the linoleum up. In about twenty minutes of hard work scraping, I had about 1.4 square feet ready to go. This was going to take forever.


As I was contemplating paying someone else to do this part, I remembered that I had borrowed a belt sander to sand the toolbox. I spent about 2 minutes to triple the area cleaned up by hand.


This was quite the dusty job and I was prepared.

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