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Small changes and a decision.

I didn’t post this last time, but here it is.


That’s the first drive of the Talon in 6 months. It felt good. Even with the old gas. It was hard to keep my foot out of it. So hard.


Once the car got home, I spent about 10 minutes and made a list of everything that was wrong with the car that I could remember. That was pretty depressing.


This was much less depressing. I replaced the old broken blinds in the parlor. I ordered this a couple weeks before I got the flooring. I’m happy it still looks good.


This replaced the destroyed blinds in my front bedroom.


I’m so happy to have my box painted now. I think it looks great since it matches the garage.


I don’t remember why I took this guy.


I am so glad to have this thing gone. I have no idea why people want palm trees in southern Louisiana. They look terrible, we aren’t in the tropics, and I just don’t like them.


I decided that with the fresh paint I was going to need fresh outlets and light switches. White was not going to do at all for this. That’s entirely too much contrast.


I think it’s a great match for the light grey on the top half. I wish I could find something darker for the outlet, but I can deal.

I am still undecided on what to do in the kitchen though.

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