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A decision made

I finally made a decision. I’m going to take the laminate all the way into the kitchen. So now it’s time to get back into the floor laying business.


The first step is to chisel out all of the tack strip underneath the front of this cabinet. The front was added after the cabinet was originally installed. So I can see what color the original carpet was. Burnt yellow shag.


With the decision made, it was time to scrape linoleum up, sand the adhesive and get started.


The kitchen went super quick once we got started. There were lots of small cuts to get the width of the kitchen correct, but it was pretty easy overall.


Some of the more complicated cuts we did with a back saw, the chop saw and a skill saw. I kept forgetting to remind dad to pick up the jigsaw.


You can see one of the fun cuts we got to make.


I did not expect to get this much of the kitchen flooring done so quickly. Once I got close to the fridge, dad and I moved the fridge around so i could plug it back in and get the linoleum out from the fridge. Then I could start in the pantry.


Phase I of laminate complete. One good evening of work and we got the kitchen and pantry done. I was very impressed.

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