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Cold showers

There’s nothing better than hopping in a shower only to run out of warm water in about thirty seconds and being stuck with tepid water for the rest of the shower. This was a great way to start off a morning. Once I got home from work, I was able to take a look and see what was going on.


Yeah, that plug looks like it got hot.


The corresponding socket looks like it got pretty hot too.


Once I got in here, the guts were pretty bad.


That hot side broke off once I started unscrewing the lead. I’m glad this didn’t burn the house down. It got hot enough to leave char marks on the rafter where it was mounted.


I wound up cutting about 8″ off the power cable coming from the circuit breaker to get cable that wasn’t melted. It didn’t look bad on the outside, but the insulator was melted into the aluminum.


New power box remounted.


This was interesting. I had to screw the ends of the plug on to the cable from the hot water heater. Then I had to put the plug on over this.


Since I have cats and needed to make a couple of trips back down the ladder to grab tools and to turn power back on, I couldn’t leave the ladder down. Having a lightweight ladder is pretty nice as I don’t have to put the ladder back up to come down. I just need to pick it up a bit and walk under it.


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