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Stupid car and a free lift

It’s stupid because I’m still mad at it.


It’s here. I bought a house for a stupid car to live in garage.


I also got a free engine lift from a friend. He picked up the rest of his car stuff to bring home to Colorado. He had purchased a lift while he was up there.


So I got the Eugenie Lift. It’s old, it’s been abused, it’s been neglected. I need to paint it later.


Now that the engine lift is gone and all of the other junk is off the floor, it’s time to get organized.


This is so much better.


I also managed to fill this car sized hole in the garage.


Then I proceeded to buy another Fast Track section from Home Depot. I found the accessories to be significantly cheaper when purchased directly from than buying it locally. So I ordered most of my hooks from there. 

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