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Post delivers

Seriously. Why are all the cool mailboxes so expensive? All of the mailboxes I wanted were $100+ and that’s just bananas. I don’t want to spend that kind of money on a mailbox. So I compromised. I found something that doesn’t look terrible for about $75. Even though it isn’t really what I wanted.


You can see the lovely black spray paint on the wall from where the previous mailbox was spray painted while it was still mounted on the wall. It took my roommate about 5 seconds to remove it. She opened the mailbox, looked at it, then picked it up off the wall.

After getting the mailbox mounted, it took a few more days before my letters and numbers showed up. I found a place out of California that does cool fonts in vinyl.


I love the light contrast between the the polished stainless and the light grey letters. I’ve gotten a couple of compliments from delivery people on both the street sign and mailbox. Super stoked about how it all came out.

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