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I hate my Jeep

That’s pretty much what I posted on facebook two weeks ago. Something simple and telling. It’s what I felt in a moment of frustration. I had started what I thought would be a 2-3 hour project. Installing an HD Offroad Engineering Shackle Relocation Kit. This should have just been unbolting the top of the shackles from the chassis, dropping the receiver, then bolting in the kit and hooking everything else back up.

Super easy, right? Not today. I tore out the net that held this on one side of the Jeep and sheared bolts in the process. I should have known better than to start this. I’m an idiot. At this point, I got mad. So instead of being sensible and just reinstalling the relocation kit and going on about my life, I kept digging. Surely it makes sense when you are in a hole to dig the bottom out. That’s how you get out. You just keep going.

That’s what I did.


You can clearly see my need to install shackles requires that I pull the rear brakes off and unbolt all kinds of other things.


This is pretty much where my weekend stopped.

Why? Why must I keep going? Why can’t I be sensible? This must be the true meaning of car guy.

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