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The Exxon Valdez was in my driveway.

For all the leaks. For all the wet look on the diff covers. It was full. So full in fact, when I popped the rubber plug out of the rear diff, it poured out. It missed the pan. Splashed on my foam pads. Covered the concrete. This was a most unexpected happening. I couldn’t even think about how to resolve it because it was so unexpected.

I did however collect my senses and restore an oil pan under the rear diff. I was even able to collect all of it once I broke the diff cover loose. Thus began some of the last routine maintenance I needed to complete.

My differentials have leaked a little since I picked up the Jeep. I never felt like smearing more RTV on the covers and changing fluid to make it stop. Then I recently found out about lubelockers. A reusable gasket that doesn’t require RTV.

This is how my Tuesday afternoon was finished. Drain a rear diff. Clean RTV. Replace cover with gasket. Fill. Repeat on the front axle. It was a good way to burn two hours. Not much though required. I was outside when it wasn’t an inferno. A good time indeed.

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