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Not Everything Works

So not all of my projects work out like I want them to work out. Today I’ll speak about a fun project that I attempted on Friday and failed with.

If you know much about how a vehicle works, you will know that better fuel atomization results in a better burn. I drive an older vehicle. Time moves forward, improvements move forward, this vehicle is stuck in 1999. So I have to do what I can to make it work efficiently. One of the things I was hoping to modify were the stock injectors. The Bosch injectors that I have installed have one hole the fuel sprays out of into the intake manifold. While this was typical for the time this vehicle was made, it is no longer typical today. There is an updated injector that you can pick up that have 4 holes. These injectors move the same amount of fuel, are the same size, but have a better spray pattern.

This is a pretty cheap mod. Injectors run about $60 a set on eBay. They are used, but who cares if they have been cleaned and have a better spray pattern. Injectors are pretty easy to rebuild if you have the equipment to do it and can be run for a very, very long time. So I went ahead and grabbed the least expensive set I could find. Then never installed them. This is a long trend that I’ve had and am working on breaking. I dream of doing something. I buy parts. They sit on a shelf for months or years and never get installed. All the while I’m steadily buying more parts to do more things.

This last week I’ve been on this big kick about doing things. Well, more like the last month. I have time, I have parts, I have tools. So I decided Friday evening would be a great time to attempt this injector swap. Nothing can possibly go wrong with swapping injectors at 7pm on a Friday when you have work at 6am. Nothing.

The swap went very well. It only took about 40 minutes to pull the factory injectors out, stick the new injectors in and bolt everything back together. Super easy. Right up to the point where I realized I bought the wrong freaking injectors and the darn wiring harness doesn’t fit. Not even close. I probably should have looked at this closer when I made the purchase because it clearly had great photos of the hardness and said it was a possible fit, but I would need to check for my application.

Just ugh.┬áTime to stick the old injectors back into motor and see what happens. Everything worked after swapping the stock injectors back in. Just aggravated that I didn’t verify everything first.

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