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The Craziest Idea

So I’ve been wanting to do a real road trip for a while now. Something I haven’t done before. I’ve wanted to go to The Badlands for a long, long time. I’ve just never thought about actually planning it out. That has changed though. I made the mistake of telling a friend about this. So it looks like he wants to go with me.

So I made the mistake of picking a date with him and putting in for vacation next year. So did he. It looks like May 6th through May 21st are now blocked off in my calendar. I have a companion to go with now. This means I have to go. I have to do this. I can’t not follow through with it.

I’m posting about it too. That makes it even worse. I guess that means I will need to make a post about it in the future. I will need to post about plans. I will need to post about prep and what I will be doing. Plans are light right now. I need to read up on what is in the area. I need to see what arrangements we can make for camping. I need to see what I can do for food, water, and packing enough stuff for two in a Jeep for two weeks.

I need to get off my fat ass and get less fat. I need to make my motorcycle run well. I need to ride it. I need to start riding my bike. In order to make the most epic road trip ever, I want to be able to do some hiking in the national parks in the area. I want to be able to take a scenic bicycle ride. I want to be able to ride my motorcycle. This will be an adventure.

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