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Three years and counting

Today makes 3 years I’ve managed to keep this place active. I’ve re-upped for another year. I hope to keep throwing what I do out there for the few people that read this and my own enjoyment. It’s pretty liberating to just write and have a place to put your thoughts. It helps me reflect on my life and realize that it isn’t bad. You take the good with the bad, but I’m going to say the overwhelming portion of my life has been very good.

I even talked to my brother about this earlier this week. I mentioned that I want to go to The Badlands to a co-worker and he didn’t understand my desire to waste two weeks of vacation to hang out in some national parks. He doesn’t get the appeal of being out on your own and looking at the stars under a clear sky. He doesn’t understand why I want to wake up and watch the sun rise over the horizon through the terrain that is The Badlands. I can’t explain any of this to him because he can’t relate to any of it.

This made me so thankful for the experiences I had as a kid. I was probably 6 or 7 and my parents took two weeks of vacation and borrowed my grandparent’s motorhome. We drove around the Ozarks. I got to climb a trail to Sunrise Point and watch the sun come up over the horizon. I remember it being very cold and humid. I didn’t understand why this was something mom and dad wanted us to do this. We probably only walked a quarter of a mile up a trail to this butte. I do remember the view though. The sky slowly changed colors as we made this climb. It gradually got brighter. Then you could see a ball of fire start rising over the horizon. You could see the ground get lighter as the light and warmth raced across the fields and forests. I didn’t know then why they wanted us here with them. I just thought it was cool.

I know now why they wanted us there. It was an experience. I remember it now 28 or so years later. I want to experience that again. I can’t express that to someone that hasn’t seen something like that before. I am not a writer. I lack the ability to describe the entire experience. My experiencing it again now that I am older will allow me to share that with other people.

I want to watch the sun rise and feel it warm the brisk air of night.

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