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Amazingly productive weekend

Seriously. It was absolutely amazing. Saturday morning I managed to cut most of the grass at my house. Joe showed up when I was about 1/3 of the way done with the back yard. He and his wife closed on their new home Friday. Joe showed up Saturday morning and we moved all of his stuff out of my house. I’m glad I was able to help them with this, but I’m super glad to have the little bit of garage space he was using back.

img_20160831_191406220 img_20160831_190233129

I spent some time reorganizing the garage Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I made much more progress in how everything is laid out.


I also managed to change these on Sunday morning. The top bushing is the worn stock bushing on the front swaybar. I’m hoping this solves my clunk, but I have my doubts now.


After much work, I was finally able to get the Jeep backed into the garage and have the garage clean enough so that I can work on a second vehicle or park a second vehicle in here now.


So I tried to finish my e-brake install on the Jeep. So you pull the drums off first.


Then use the appropriate tools.


The drums come apart in about 5 minutes. It’s pretty easy working on drums with the proper tools. Unfortunately, I made another mistake here. I followed the advice on the Internet and ordered a YJ Wrangler cable for the driver side. The stock cable is about 4″ short. The YJ cable is about an inch short. So I’ve now ordered a TJ Wrangler cable for the driver side. It should be about 12″ longer than stock. I’m really hoping this fixes the problem.

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