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Another good weekend

So Brynn has been having an issue with the clutch chattering on her Jeep. After listening to the noise, when it was present and when it went away, I decided that it was probably the throwout bearing and was something that we could replace. The part wouldn’t be terribly expensive, but the labor would be a giant expense if she were to pay someone to do this. We set a date and she agreed to let me give it a shot.


Brynn was not afraid to get dirty trying to get this transmission out.


My brother showed up to assist with this. I think he just wanted to turn wrenches on something and drink some beer.


Here they are removing the two hardest bolts on the transmission. These are at the top of the bellhousing on the transmission and are not the easiest things to get a wrench on. After a few minutes they were able to get it broken loose and the bolts out. About 45 minutes later we were at the next stage.


Transmission on the ground. We pulled the throwout bearing out of the transmission and it had about 1/16″ of play in the bearing. This was not a good thing. The part had clearly failed. At this point we called it a night, had another beer and talked about getting the replacement part tomorrow.

Saturday morning, we threw the new part in the transmission. It was uneventful putting it back in. Greg was off helping his father-in-law work on his house from the recent flooding we had. Brynn and I spent about 4 hours to get everything put back together and test the Jeep. No more chattering! I call this a success. At least for now. I’m going to wait at least a year before I can really say this is a true success. I’m weird like that.


  1. Clay
    Clay September 19, 2016

    Yeah. So apparently the noise is back, but different now? I don’t even know. I need to look at it again.

  2. Clay
    Clay September 21, 2016

    It also seems like this Jeep has developed a brake issue and a headlight issue. I know what I’m doing tonight!

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