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Trailer update

It’s hot. It’s really hot. I’m still out there and doing things.



This time, it’s all about finishing the trailer. SPOILER ALERT:I don’t finish it. I make good progress, but it needs to be used this weekend.


So we start by dragging the bike out on the trailer so we can make sure that the mods work.


First you need a ramp. To have a ramp, you need a way to attach it to the trailer. You also need a pin to hold that attachment to the trailer. So that’s where we started. Making a pin.


If you’re making a ramp, you need to make a ramp holder.

img_20160924_194826485 img_20160924_194817171

I also tossed a few more eyelets into the trailer. This will give me more mount points and allow me to strap multiple bikes down on the trailer. I’m just waiting for four more eyelets on the wood planks. This will allow 3 motorcycles to be carried.

This post is probably not that coherent. I’m watching the first Presidential debate while writing this. It’s terrible. The debate and this point. I can’t do it anymore.

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