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Slowing down

So this week I decided to try and slow down. Just try to take care of some chores around the house. Maybe clean up a little and relax. That worked for about a day. I diagnosed a bad flasher relay on the bike. I need to buy a replacement. This should be a few dollars and I can probably get it locally if I go to the part store.

I also mounted the CB radio antenna on the Jeep. This took about 5 minutes and was pretty straightforward.


I feel like a true redneck now. It’s on a quick release mount so I can remove the antenna when not in use and I just have the antenna mount a couple inches off to the side of the vehicle.

I played with the bike a bit and found that it kept stalling out while pissing gas out of the carb. This is unacceptable since I have every intention of riding it this weekend.


Meet Octofueler. All of the drain hoses are a bit crusty and should be replaced.


Octofueler has a terrible time staying clean.


He can’t even rinse the tub out when he’s done with his bath. Ugh.


Much better.


After getting the float bowl cleaned up and reinstalling the carb, the bike ran much better. I should order a rebuild kit for it this week just because I have no idea when it was done last, I didn’t tear the carb all the way down, and it isn’t running 100% correctly. It’s more like 90%. I just hope 90% is enough to have some fun with this weekend.

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