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First ride out

Had some fun this weekend on my first real ride on the DRZ. I loaded up Saturday and headed out to the Bonne Carre Spillway in Norco to meet up with Phil.


So I threw the DRZ on the trailer. It towed well and didn’t give me any issues.


I wish I could say the same about the bike. Even though it had a pretty smooth idle in the garage, it didn’t run nearly as well in the wild. It didn’t want to idle without me cranking the idle screw way up. Then it didn’t want to not idle at 4-6,000RPMs when I was in gear and actually riding. That made riding interesting to say the least. I did however learn a lot about throttle modulation to manage speed and lightly massaging the rear brake to help keep RPMs down as well. I’m sure this is not the right way to do this, but it worked.

I have a carb rebuild kit on order now. I also ordered an idle mix screw with an extended handle. This will allow for adjusting elevation change in the future. I’ve also ordered the JD Jet kit for rejetting to what Thumper Talk/ADV Rider/pretty much every other forum out there recommends for making it run a bit smoother while eliminating some bogging issue when you first take off.

I have a list of other things that I need to purchase as well as a list of things that I need to adjust. I’ll post about them more as time goes on. No need to make a list in this post.

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