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Baby’s First Carb Part 1

Carbs are not my thing. I think it’s voodoo. I mean, I understand that the air moves through the venturi and it makes a low pressure area that draws the fuel through the carb and it atomizes. I understand that. It’s still voodoo.


I mean really. Look at that. Give me fuel injection. It’s so much easier to deal with and manage. It handles altitude changes easier. It’s so much better.


Whatever though. The carb is off the bike now. This is the air filter side.


This is a side profile looking at the right hand side when it is installed.


Look at all the trash on top of the float seat. That’s terrible. It makes me realize how much trash is plugging this up.


This is where the fuel comes into the carb. The mesh filter would be up there. You can see where there is even more trash in this thing. I should have taken better care of all this and ridden it more.


You can tell where I scraped some of the crud out of the bowl. This is where fuel enters the carb before being drawn up and atomized.


This is the underside of the float bowl. The circular area on the right side of the photo is for the accelerator pump. Almost in the center of this photo is a brass metering valve. Fuel should flow through here so the accelerator pump will properly work when you crack the throttle. Guess what was completely plugged.

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