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Baby’s First Carb Part 2

So at this point, the carb was torn down about as far as I think I need to take it and really start cleaning.


This is after me spending about 20 minutes with carb cleaner, brake cleaner and scraping trash out of the bowl. I still wasn’t able to get fluid flowing through the port in the bowl to the accelerator pump. At this point I decided to listen to my brother’s suggestion and go with Pinesol.


Don’t do this. I threw everything into this bowl and filled it full of Pinesol. Then while I was reading about using it as a parts cleaner, I found out that Pinesol can dissolve or deform plastics. Pinesol is acidic. It probably won’t hurt plastic in the short term, but it will probably ruin it if you leave it overnight. So I pulled all of the plastic parts out of the bath and all of the rubber parts out of the Pinesol and washed it with carb cleaner.


This is the aftereffect of letting aluminum sit in Pinesol overnight. I performed no additional scrubbing or scraping. I’m super impressed. The little bit of rubber that is left on the bowl from the gasket peels off if you rub on it. Now, the brass did discolor to pink. I’m not sure why. I’m sure it has something to do with the acid eating away at the alloy.

Oh well. Parts are clean. I’m happy. Super low effort way to clean this. Now, I’m just waiting on parts to arrive from the Netherlands because I’m a dummy and don’t look at where things ship on eBay. 7-14 days. I was really, really hoping for 3-5 days so I could get this back together and give it another shot and riding it over the weekend.

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