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Yeah. I shouldn’t have talked about being bored around the house. This is what I get for that: a text message from my roommate. That’s normally not something to be concerned about, but for her to text me at 6:15am, it’s completely out of the ordinary. She was kind enough to alert me to the fact her ceiling fan was crying. Are you confused? I was pretty confused by that statement. She was kind enough to send me a video showing that her ceiling fan was in fact leaking water.

I killed the water to the house as soon as I got home and called in to work. At first it just looked like a corroded fitting at the top of the hot water heater and I thought this was going to be easy and only a couple of hours.


This photos says it is much more serious. The tank ruptured which I found out about when I had a second set of eyes to look at things and more light in the attic. Great.

Old hot water heater out. New hot water heater in.


My uncle was nice enough to come over. He did sweat all the copper in. It was pretty nice of him.


This was not how I anticipated on spending my day. I have hot water again. I hope I don’t have to deal with this thing again for more than a decade now. Seriously. I’ve had to mess with a hot water heater on 3 different occasions now and I’ve been here less than 2 years now.

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