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200 posts and pre-trip

This makes my 200th post. I’m super surprised I’ve managed to keep it around this long. Seriously. It’s a ton of work to keep doing things, taking photos and writing about it. I had originally intended to make this much longer and talk about more things, but I think just carrying on will be the best thing I can do.

So here we are pre-vacation. Putting an 88cc Honda motor back together.

Things went pretty well when we weren’t breaking the skirt off a piston or otherwise being stupid and wasting time and money.

So I found a second stop for the motorcycle trailer. While I was prepping the trailer for our trip to Arkansas, I added more eye hooks so we had more attachment points to haul two bikes.

4 new points makes it easy to load two bikes.

Basically ready to go now. I was looking forward to this for so long. Obviously, I’m back home now. I’ve got photos and a good story out of this trip. I’ll definitely keep updating this with tales from my trip.

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