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Fun in Mt. Ida

So staying in Mt. Ida was fun. The area where we stayed was about 150′ higher than the road coming in to the property.

I spent most of the week sleeping in a tent in the woods. My brother and nephew spent most of the week in the blue tent in the foreground.

One of the more entertaining things that I managed to do on this trip was spending some quality time on an old backhoe digging up stumps. It’s not easy to manipulate the bucket. I have much more respect for an operator that is smooth.

This is the outdoor shower we had access to. Where we were staying is going to be a future retirement home for some family friends, but until they get the bathroom completed in the barn, this is how you shower. Taking a hot shower when it’s 38° outside is quite the experience.

At night we were able to have a nice bonfire made with the stumps we were digging up as well as the trees that we removed from the property.

Down at the fire pit looking back up to the barn.

I had a good time and would go back again.

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