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Homelab Upgrade

So I ordered another 32GB of RAM for my two hosts. eBay has crazy cheap hardware for this older stuff. $120 for 64GB total is really, really reasonable. I also picked up an Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 24 LITE. The Ubiquiti I bought new. I needed more ports to be able to manage the hosts since I only had 4 ports on my wireless router.

This is leading down a road that I think will be fun. I’m probably going to pick up an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter soon. That will give me a lot more flexibility at home. I’ll be able to throw BIND on the router for DNS and start playing with VLANs. While having a couple VMWare hosts.

I really need to sit down now and plan what I’m going to try and accomplish. Playing around with it at home so far has already shown me that I need to work on some self-signed certificates so I can make the vCenter install communicate with both hosts effectively. I really don’t feel like spending $250+ on real SSL certs for something to play with.

Though, I could probably set up a CA as a VM and issue certs from there. That would be something fun as well. It’s definitely not something I’ve done before and would probably teach me a fair bit.

I’ve rambled enough here today though. Next time around, I’ll probably have a more coherent plan that I can work towards. Maybe.

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