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More inches is always better

First off, I’m dumb. Really dumb. I do things sometimes without thinking about it or looking at what I’m doing incorrectly. This is a case of that. So I’ve been considering a dual monitor stand for a few weeks now. It would be nice to have more adjustment with the desk while I am standing or sitting. So I find a nice mount from Monoprice at a reasonable price that will hold two monitors and will make the weight requirement of the Asus 28″ monitor that is my primary monitor. I order it and commence to waiting a week for it to arrive. Normally, I would like to order something like this from Amazon because I’m impatient, but even with shipping the Monoprice option was about $50 less expensive. I’ll wait a week for $50.

So I finally receive the mount, get it unboxed and happily throw it on my desk. I pull the monitor stand off the monitor and get it the bracket mounted and hang the monitor on the new dual arm mount. The monitor immediately drops to the desk (not in an uncontrolled manner though). I look at the instructions and it shows that you adjust an Allen cap screw on the arm for a larger monitor. I proceed to turn this Allen screw about two turns. The monitor still sits on the desk and won’t adjust like it should. I assume that I’ve gone the wrong way and go in the other direction. No dice.

At this point, I’m quite disheartened. I’ve followed the graphical instructions and don’t see anything else on Monoprice’s site that talks about this in the comments or reviews. At this point, I went ahead and started the RMA process with Monoprice. I voiced my frustrations to some friends/peers over on a Slack channel. Ed kindly suggested that I check out a particular model that he had used with an identical monitor to great success. After looking at what he suggested sometime Sunday afternoon, I realized that it looked quite similar to the Monoprice one. All of the plastic covers were the same. What he suggested was only a single monitor arm though. While digging through the comments and reviews on this product, I found one person who admitted that he needed to back the adjustment screw out several turns before he was able to get the required resistance he needed to support the weight of his monitor.

At this point, I basically jumped out of my chair and immediately tried this solution. To my surprise, it worked! So I went ahead and pulled everything back out of the box, clamped the mount back on my desk and attempted a second install. Success!

So pumped about this setup. Please ignore the rat’s nest of cabling underneath everything. I threw all of this together and was so excited I just took a photo of it before finishing it up. Now I just need to get rid of that aging 22″ monitor and buy another 28″ monitor.

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