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It’s been a month

Both since my last post and in terms of work, life and projects. I’m still around. I’m still doing things. I haven’t forgotten about this place. I’ve even been working on a long term project. Well, I bought stuff to do the project or at least some of it. Then never started.

First up though, a little housekeeping.

This is all junk that was cut previously. Either when I was clipping coax in closets or cable that was abandoned prior to me moving in.

So my current plan is to build a Cat6A network at home. My WiFi service is pretty terrible in the kitchen and in the garage. I’ve been wanting to build a network for a while and have been slowly buying the hardware to do it. The biggest item that kept me from pulling cable, was not being able to get around in the attic. There was almost no decking anywhere in the attic. That makes it really hard to get around. So I decided to remedy this problem.

I cut up a total of 5 sheets of 23/32″ CDX into 16″x48″ pieces. This will run across 3 ceiling joints or between 2 ceiling joists.

Now, with some transitions in the attic, I am unable to lay decking completely seamlessly through the attic. I’m ok with this as I will not be up here all the time and I’m not worried about other people falling through the roof.

You can see here where I am dealing with plumbing, a/c ducting and some kind of reinforcement on the 2″x6″ across the joists to support the ceiling.

This was a bit more time consuming that you would think. You basically lay a piece of CDX, screw it down and then lay another piece while dragging the next pieces behind you. For a good portion of this, I was on hands and knees as there is not much room to move around. The roof has a fairly low slope.

Here you can see the decking laid over the cathedral ceiling in the living room. The older cracking 1/2″ plywood can be seen to the left. I spent time laying this after work mostly during the week. It was slow and hot work.

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