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Terminating some drops

Terminating cable isn’t really exciting. There isn’t much to it and it’s pretty hard to document while you are doing it by yourself. So I didn’t.

I did on the other hand finally get around to using the rack that I put in the garage 2 years ago.

My wireless sucking pushed me to actually start this project. I bought a Unifi AC Lite access point. Setup was really, really easy. I will recommend these to anyone who wants this kind of a solution. I’m really, really liking this.

As long as I was wiring things, I went ahead and cut in a network drop for the Xbox and TV.

I also finally got around to cutting in the duplex box for feeding wires down the wall to the tuner and recessed power behind the TV. This is still an on going project and I should start documenting things a bit better.

I am enjoying the camera I got for Christmas. It takes better photos than my phone.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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