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More networking and other computer stuff

So the network has been coming along well. There were several nice mornings in April that made it not horrible to pull cable and be in the attic for a couple of hours at a time.

As you can see though, my patchwork is a bit of a mess. I’ll need to order some more patch cables and some different lengths to do what I want to do. I’ll need to pick up another shelf and probably reorganize things as well.

I’ve got a color code worked out in my head. So this cable being purple isn’t an accident. It being on a spool and not fed from a box on the other hand is an accident.

I’ll terminate the purple cable later.

So I’ve been wanting a rack to stick my home lab in. I’ve been thinking about a full size rack, but it will chew up valuable floor space. They’re also about $1000 new. I’ve seen a handful in Houston for $50 used with missing panels. Even if I drive to Houston for an inexpensive rack, it will cost me about $100 in fuel. So I picked this small rack up for $180 to save myself 8 hours. Saving 8 hours is worth $30.

So this is what the purple cable is being used to do here. IP cameras. I purchased 3 Dahua cameras and a Dahua 8-channel DVR. The DV-R handles PoE duties so i just need to pull cable, terminate it and hook everything up to the DV-R.

These 3 piece crimps are what you need to use for Cat6A. They are absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever used to terminate cable. It’s a huge pain to keep everything lined up and not let the wiring fall out of the insert.

Camera mounted and hooked up. The picture quality is pretty great. I’ll talk more about this in the future whenever I get the third camera mounted and have the DVR mounted on a shelf properly.

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