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It’s been a busy month

This is a good thing for once. I’ve got several projects in the works as well as a couple of completed projects. Probably one of my favorite projects that I completed this month was changing out the front porch light.

This is the absolute worst light. It probably started off life 30 years ago as a polished brass lamp. Brass belongs in the 80s. It has it’s place, but that place isn’t here. I’m not a fan and will be changing all of the fixtures, door handles and ceiling fans that are brass out as time goes on.

First up is to remove the old fixture. I’m loving all of the dirt dauber nests inside of this junction box. I got to spend a few minutes digging this out with a common screw driver. I wish I had more hands to take photos of what I’m doing. So after getting everything cleaned out, I got to play with a mounting bracket that screws into the existing junction box that the light then screws on to. It’s all pretty standard stuff and easy enough to deal with.

Mounting the new light took a bit more time by hand since it’s not real easy to hold and screw into the mounting bracket at the same time. I’ve been wanting this fixture for a few months, but it wasn’t cheap on any of the sites I had visited. Google notified me that it was on sale based on my search history. I scooped it up for about 40% off the retail price. It looks interesting, isn’t brass and puts out a fair bit of light considering the design. This is the third best thing I’ve done so far on the exterior of the house. The first being the number plate on the courtyard wall and the mailbox.

I should really learn how to take level photos.

Though it does provide a surprising amount of light given the overall design.

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