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Time to clean house

We’re literally talking about cleaning house here though. Not just a little house keeping.

So the last time I tried this, I was not impressed at all. I didn’t get much mildew off the paint. I spent 5-10 minutes scrubbing and using the pressure washer. I still had a lot of mildew left on the house.

You can see in the above photo where I have cleaned the eave this time and previously. Apparently the trick to cleaning an eave with mildew is to run bleach to water in a 3:1 mix.

Here you can see a totally uncleaned section.

5 minutes later and I have this. I’m really surprised how fast this cleaned up and how much better the paint looks. It did take me about 2.5 hours to take care of the entire house. I was very surprised by how fast this went. I should probably also mention that this is the first day of a week of vacation.

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