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The color wasn’t that great

Even though the house cleaned up nicely, I never liked the peach color. It’s not a great color and it looks dated. I’m much more of a modern look kind of person. That’s part of the reason I chose this house. It’s got a good look from the curb, but needs a lot of work to be a good looking house.

First up after cleaning is to start priming the house.

Thank goodness the red is gone. That was a big mistake. It wasn’t a good red and after 10 months, I wasn’t sold on it so it absolutely needed to go.

Now that I have two coats of primer over the majority of the house, I can start on the east side. This is going to be my least favorite part. With the peak of the cable being about 16′ tall, this will be awkward to paint.

You can see here that the paint is in pretty rough shape. The wood panels have seen better days, but they are not rotten. That’s probably the best thing that I can say right now.

This is the wood frame around the back door. I don’t think that it was ever painted. Globbing Kilz primer on here as thick as I can, it just sucks into the wood and discolors. This will take a while to get right. I’m not terribly worried about trim around the doors or windows right now though. That is the kind of thing that I can deal with after the rest of the house is painted after I get off work.

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